You will love this Southern California-style Fish Burritos Recipe! Besides being absolutely delicious, Fish Burritos are so easy to prepare.

mayonnaise sour cream lime juice hot sauce clove garlic  salt


shredded cabbage medium avocado  red onion chopped cilantro lime salt chimichurri


breaded tilapia large flour tortillas shredded cheddar 


Set aside some sour cream to slather onto the tortillas. Mix the remaining Crema ingredients into a small bowl until thoroughly combined.

To make Chimichurri Slaw, mix cabbage, avocado, onion, and cilantro. Add lime juice, salt, and Chimichurri sauce. Mix gently to blend the flavors.

Bake tilapia according to package directions or fry in hot avocado oil.  For a healthier option, try grilling or air frying the fish.

Warm and slightly char a flour tortilla over the flame on both sides. This not only refreshes the tortilla, but it makes it more pliable and improves the flavor.

Top each tortilla with one tablespoon of sour cream, then divide the Chimichurri slaw, and fish fillets.

Add shredded cheese, Crema, and salsa.

Fold the sides inwards over the filling, then fold the bottom over the filling as you roll up to completely enclose the ingredients.

Dig in!!!