This Green Goddess Salad Recipe is the perfect light, refreshing, low-calorie meal on a hot summer day!

This vegetarian dish is higher in protein than your typical salad and can be eaten both as a salad and as a Green Goddess Dip with chips!


 Olive Oil Mirin Nutritional Yeast Cashews Chives Shallot Jalapeño & Serrano Limes Greek Yogurt Avocado

Ingredients Cont.

Pickled Jalapeno Juice Cilantro Spinach Ranch Mix  English Cucumbers Cabbage

Combine olive oil, Mirin, nutritional yeast, cashews, chives, shallot, jalapeños, and Serranos in food processor.

Blend ingredients then add lime juice, Greek yogurt, avocado, pickled jalapeño juice, and cilantro.

Blend again until smooth.

Next, add the spinach and ranch mix and blend to break it down.

Taste to see if the seasoning needs any adjusting.

Add  sliced cucumber and chopped cabbage and slowly pulse until veggies are chopped.

You can choose to stop here and eat the mix as a dip or continue to next step.

Slice/chop the remaining cucumbers and cabbage.

Toss with green goddess dressing and enjoy!

Serve with Crispy Fish Burritos

Or Carne Asada