This Creamy Morel Mushroom and Prawn Risotto Recipe is loaded with mushroom flavor and is the ultimate comfort food.

Pairing shrimp and morel mushrooms works beautifully in this easy-to-prepare dish.


Morel mushrooms chicken stock  truffle oil  prawns dry white wine yellow onion   Arborio rice  unsalted butter sea salt white pepper garlic peas English cheddar cream

Simmer stock over low heat next to your skillet.

Add truffle oil to a large, deep pan and heat over medium heat. Sauté Morel mushrooms for one minute.

Add prawns and wine and cook for a few minutes or until the prawns are pink.

Remove pan contents and set aside until needed.

Add truffle oil to the pan and sauté onions until soft.

Melt butter in the pan then add Arborio rice.

Toast rice for a minute or two, then add minced garlic. Stir until fragrant.

Pour 1 ladleful of hot stock over rice and stir.

Cook risotto over low to medium heat for 15 minutes.

Season and add more stock as it gets absorbed into the rice while stirring.

Return shrimp and mushrooms to the pan.

Add stock as needed. Stir for 5-10 minutes, or until rice is tender and creamy. Add cheese and peas.

For extra creamy risotto, add ¼ cup cream.

Stir the mixture vigorously for a few minutes at the end then allow to thicken for a minute or two before serving.

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