Smoke Traeger Ribs  like  a pro!

We'll be smoking  the pork ribs using the 3-2-1 method. 

• 3 hours on the rack • 2 hours sealed in foil • 1 hour on the rack brushed with BBQ sauce

Mix apple cider and vinegar and pour in a small spray bottle. Spritz the ribs on both sides

Season with  3 Tbs of dry rub on each side

Refrigerate a minimum of  2 hours

Turn the  smoker on  and set to  190° F. 

Place the ribs bone-side down on the rack. Use Super Smoke. Set timer for 3 hours. Spritz the the ribs every 30 minutes

Remove the ribs and increase the temperature to 225° F

Place each rack of ribs on foil. Pour the remaining spray bottle liquid over ribs. Seal the foil tightly

Put the sealed ribs back on the smoker for  2 hours 

Remove ribs from foil and coat lightly with  BBQ sauce.  Smoke for 1 hour at 225° F.