• 1 rack beef ribs • avocado oil  • mesquite seasoning • pomegranate juice • barbecue sauce


Fill smoker with Traeger Signature Blend or favorite flavor of pellets and preheat the grill to 225° F.

– Brush room temperature beef ribs with avocado oil.

– Generously season with McCormick mesquite seasoning.

— For added spice, season with  cayenne pepper.

— Spray ribs with pomegranate juice.

— Place them bone side-down directly onto the grill.

— Smoke for 3 hours. Set a timer to spray the ribs once an hour.

— Remove ribs and place meaty-side down onto two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

— Divide leftover juice between packages and seal. Smoke ribs for two hours at   225° F.

– Smoke using super smoke, at 225° F for an additional hour.

– Rest ribs for 10 minutes or enjoy right away.