The BEST  Sumac  Substitute

Sumac, pronounced Sumaq or Sumach, is a crimson-colored tart powder, used to elevate many popular Middle Eastern dishes

Is Sumac Poisonous?

Many people mistake edible sumac for poison sumac.

Yellow Leaves

• Sumac shrubs with red berries are edible • Green or white berries are not edible

What does Sumac Taste Like?

Sumac has a mouth-puckering tart flavor that some describe as peppery.  To me, Sumac is sour, salty, and tangy, not peppery at all!

How is  SUMAC  used?

Use SUMAC to make Sumac Marinated Onions...

Or some AMAZING  Sumac Chicken...

Mix it into salad dressing...

Sprinkle some SUMAC on Grilled Kabobs...

The possibilities are endless!