Assyrian Pickled Vegetables


These delicious pickled vegetables are known as torshi (sometimes spelled turshi) throughout the Middle East. Various vegetables including cauliflower, carrots, celery, and cucumbers are pickled in a vinegar-brine solution infused with curry.

Torshi are served with meals or enjoyed as a tangy snack.

Torshi served with Ras Asfour (meatball stew).


Pickling Solution apple cider vinegar water curry powder  sea salt sugar Serrano peppers parsley sprigs garlic


Vegetables cauliflower carrots celery  dill pickles Optional Jerusalem artichokes green olives pepperoncinis

Add vinegar, water, curry, salt, and sugar to a medium-sized pot. Next, add sliced Serranos, Italian parsley, and slivered garlic.


Stir the pickling solution and set aside until needed.


Meanwhile, split the cauliflower into florets then peel and slice the carrots and celery.


Add the veggies to the pickling solution. Simmer, then turn the heat off and allow the vegetables and brine to cool off.


When the vinegar mixture is cool enough to handle, transfer the vegetables into the pickling container using a slotted spoon.


Carefully pour the pickling solution over the vegetables, wipe the rim, and tighten the lid.


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Allow the flavors to develop for a few days before digging in!

Go to recipe link for more detailed information, tips, and air fryer instructions!

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Serve with Bamia (okra stew)

Or  in a Sabich Sandwich!