About the Book

Mom’s Authentic Assyrian Recipes has 130 pages and 82 recipes. Every recipe includes a picture, some in black and white, some in color. Additionally, there are chapters on Assyrian history, holidays and traditions. There is even a section featuring special ingredients. But that’s not all! I have included some old family photos and stories for you to enjoy.

Teaching Others to Cook Assyrian Food

Initially, my goal was to teach the younger Assyrian generation how to cook our traditional food. But I also wanted to introduce our history, culture, and delicious food to everyone else. I never expected all the positive emails and letters that I have received since publishing the book in 2008. Of those, my favorite communication has been with ladies who are married to Assyrian men. They share similar stories of surprising their husbands with Assyrian meals, using the recipes in my book. After all, if I can help one young bride to impress her Assyrian mother-in-law, then I have succeeded. 

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To purchase a copy of Mom’s Authentic Assyrian Recipes, just click the “buy now” button. You will be taken to PayPal to checkout securely. You may also purchase the book on Amazon. Due to the high fees that Amazon charges, the book costs $29.95 on their site. 

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Number of Books

Downloadable Options

Recently I’ve had folks inquire about the availability of an electronic (ebook) version of my book. Although at this time I do not offer that option, I am considering it. If there is enough interest, I will move forward by offering an electronic version of the entire book.

However, I do offer an updated downloadable version of my book’s DESSERTS chapter. Although you’ll find classic recipes like Baklava, Chada, and Kileche, there are also recipes not included in the original cookbook. You’ll be getting a sneak peek of what will hopefully be an ebook of the entire book.