About Me

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I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and lived there with my parents and six siblings until the age of nine. My family moved to the United States in 1976 and made Chicago our home. 

After High School, I enlisted in the Navy and was stationed in San Diego from 1984-1988. In 1990, I met, and fell in love with Scott, in a San Diego County jail. Don’t panic, we were both working there as deputies.

We were married in 1992, and are blessed with two wonderful children, Nena, and Scotty. We are currently transitioning from San Diego to Montana.

family photo

My Inspiration, My mom 

I published Mom’s Authentic Assyrian Recipes cookbook in 2008, in honor of my mom, Najiba Mirza, who was the best cook I know, and the sweetest lady to ever walk the face of this earth.  

She could make a mean Dolma, and never used a written recipe! In 1995, mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought bravely until cancer finally took her life in 2009.

Although I miss her terribly, I am glad she got to see the book published. The look on her face when I handed her the first signed copy was priceless! I don’t think she’d ever been more proud of me.

about me
Mom and I, in her San Diego home

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Thanks to mom, cooking has become my true passion. I’m excited that I get to share my passion with you through this blog.

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