Spicy Jalapeño Hummus

Although everyone is familiar with hummus these days, I remember not too long ago when I would take some to a potluck and no one knew what it was. Sometimes, I had to practically beg my friends to just taste it. I even had to bribe my husband by making this spicy version. You see, he can’t resist anything spicy! Hopefully you won’t be as difficult to convince. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are already a fan. You are definitely in for a treat! My home-made version is a million times better than anything you can find in a store.


A Little Hummus History

Hummus has been a staple in the Middle East for hundreds of years! In fact, the earliest recorded recipe dates back to the 13th century. Hummus is the arabic word for chickpeas or garbanzo beans. In the Middle East, it is actually called “Hummus bi Tahina” which means “chickpeas with tahini.” Besides being served with pita bread as “Mezza” (appetizer), it is also served as an accompaniment to falafels, chicken, kabobs, and more!


Zero Intimidation Factor

This is a fairly simple recipes; probably one of the simplest I’ll ever share. The only tools you will need a a food processor. Most of the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket, except maybe tahini paste. If you don’t want to purchase tahini online, you can make it yourself using my simple two-ingredient recipe. The jalapeños are not traditional, and options. My family is obsessed with spicy food, which is why I include them.

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Spicy Jalapeño Hummus
  1. Gather all your ingredients...
  2. Drain garbanzo bean, reserving a few tablespoons of the liquid for later use. Add garbanzo beans to a food processor, along with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Reserve the remaining tablespoon of olive oil to pour over the hummus when it's ready to be plated. Now add the remaining ingredients and pulse until smooth.
    hummus spicy
  3. You may need to add the reserved garbanzo beans liquid to achieve the right consistency. ​
    hummus blended
  4. To serve, transfer to a plate and smooth with the back of a spoon. Pour the remaining olive oil over the hummus. Sprinkle with paprika, or cayenne, if you dare! Olives or parsley can be used to decorate the hummus.​ This is your chance to be creative!
    hummus jalapeno
  5. Lately I've been dividing the hummus into four portions and packaging it in tupperware for Scott to take to work. It's my way of helping him to stay on track with his diet. I know, I'm such a nice wife, right? 😀
    hummus portioned
  6. Yes, there are snowmen on my tupperware... they were left over from Christmas, so don't judge me!
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